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Posted on: 11/11/2020
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Providing Unique Benefits For Your Remote Employees

From major companies to startups, managing the benefits game is a crucial part of attracting and retaining top talent. On top of conventional benefits like health insurance, companies have gone above and beyond to provide employee support through concepts like:

  • Catered-food
  • Wellness/exercise programs
  • Work-life balance tools
  • On-site child care

However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have been forced to shift their operations remotely, possibly for a long time. In addition, statistics are showing that many employees are enjoying their remote workplaces, and would like to see remote work in some capacity even when the pandemic subsides. This puts business owners in a bind in terms of their benefits programs. They still want that added employee satisfaction/perks for talent prospects, but need to reevaluate exactly what benefits they provide. Here’s a look at some unique benefit options well-suited for remote teams.

Posted on: 11/1/2020
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Shop Local, Stay Fit & Save!

Local merchant discounts: Local businesses like restaurants and retailers have been particularly hit by lockdown restrictions. As a result, we’re seeing a bigger push for people to support their local businesses as those restrictions get lifted. One way you can help facilitate this is by setting up a discount program for your employees. Many of these employees are more likely to shop locally rather than traveling further, so there’s a practical benefit on their end, as well.

Online workout discounts: Wellness has been on people’s minds a lot during this pandemic, and with gyms still being a hot topic in terms of safety, many people are opting for virtual workouts instead. Creating a plan that allows people to save on virtual workouts shows you are thinking about their immediate safety and long-term health. These also make for a great substitute if you had an on-site workout program that had to be cut short due to COVID-19 restrictions. Ideally, you want to create as reasonable a facsimile of your existing benefits plans as possible.

Home loan savings: While this isn’t the type of decision you can make on a whim, the fact that interest rates are at historic lows may mean some people already on the road to buying a home will want to pull the trigger now. Partnering with banks and credit unions to offer savings in these areas shows that you are thinking about their long-term plans. In addition, you can partner with banks and credit unions to provide benefits for other services, like additional perks with a new account or credit card.

Posted on: 11/1/2020
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Get Creative With Your Benefits

Every business owner’s creativity is being tested during this time, not just in operations, but employee relations. As a result, business owners need to reconfigure their benefits plans in order to be as appealing as possible for remote workers, possibly for the long-term. The best way to create an appealing, remote-friendly benefits package is with options. Every business has its own workforce with unique preferences and quirks, and the better you can service them, the easier it is to keep them happy and see improved retention and recruitment.

At Passport Unlimited, we are the perfect fit to help make that happen. We work with over 5000 companies, national and local, to create benefit packages that you can provide to your employees. Choose a customized package of benefits and deals that your employees can use, even while working remotely. With our exclusive collections, we are the perfect partner for taking your benefits program to the next level.