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Posted on: 10/15/2021
4 People in an office

In recent years, there has been an increase in turnover rates. As a result, companies are trying to think of ways they can keep their employees happy and engaged. One way is by offering benefits that better suit what new hires and young people want.

There are many different factors such as salary, work-life balance, and company culture that all play into whether an employee will stay with a company for the long haul or not. In order to know which benefits might be best it's important to ask them! Or better yet, read our blog post and get the inside scoop.

Flexible Work Hours

Flexible hours are popular among job seekers. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, flexible hours can persuade 88 percent of respondents to choose a lower salary over one with higher pay but a fixed schedule. Believe it or not, flexibility is the most requested benefit followed by health insurance.

Further, in a FlexJobs survey, 80 percent of parents and millennials (anyone born between 1981 - 1996) said that flexibility and work-life balance were the most important factors in evaluating potential job opportunities.

Health Insurance
Stethascope and pen on journal

Employers who provide health insurance for their employees will benefit by attracting quality candidates. Employees carefully consider whether a company provides affordable, comprehensive coverage for them and their immediate family members as they make employment decisions.

But why do employees value health care coverage so much? Well, in 2016, the average American spent $10,345 on healthcare. This was an exorbitant amount five years ago, and that number is only growing. It’s the reason why employees rank health care benefits as their most requested.

Life Insurance

In a 2017 LIMRA survey, nearly six out of ten employees believe that life insurance benefits are not only important but necessary for their jobs. Life insurance gives workers peace of mind that they have financial security should something happen to them and ensures that their families can continue living normally if they ever pass away.

Luckily, group life insurance is an affordable benefit employers can offer to round out their benefits package and attract top talent. For example, a healthy 40-year old employee costs just $36 per month for group coverage. This type of low-cost option helps employees supplement other medical or retirement plans already in place at the organization with something that matters most to them – being able to care for dependents if tragedy strikes.

Wellness Benefits
Employees collaborating

Most employees say they are interested in their well-being and take their health seriously, and employers agree. This is why many of them have wellness programs as part of the benefits package for new hires. In fact, a Fitbit survey reported that 88 percent of CEOs said their company already has a health and wellness program on board.

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to provide your employees with an onsite gym like big companies like Google or SAS can provide, but there are still some things that you can do. These include:

  • Providing healthy snacks
  • Reimbursement for exercise equipment
  • Yoga Classes
  • Gym Memberships

Some of these may be too hard – like the gym membership – but you should keep these in mind for potential employees as your business expands.


There are many benefits that a new hire might be looking for in a company. For example, flexible work hours and health insurance top the list of priorities. We can help you find your perfect match by tailoring your organization’s offering with our Passport Unlimited program!

By partnering with us, we will provide tailored benefits – such as life insurance or wellness options – which may not have been on your radar before this blog post. If you want more information about how we can tailor these offerings for your business needs, contact us and request a demo today!

Posted on: 8/20/2021
Gentleman in a conference room giving OK symbol with hand

Employees today are more aware than ever of the impact health and wellness has on both their personal and professional life. While some people may be content with a job that offers basic healthcare benefits, others want to know that they have an employer who is invested in their well-being. In this blog post, we will explore how employee benefits beyond the basics help to create a culture of engagement and retention for companies while also providing employees with peace of mind.

The first step in understanding why these types of perks are important is to look at what makes up ‘the basics.’ The most common options offered by employers include medical insurance coverage, dental insurance coverage, retirement plans, vacation time, sick days, and paid holidays. The best way to ensure your company provides the optimum level of protection is through a professional review of all your current policies and practices. Remember though: it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive!

It Will Get the Attention of the Most Talented People
Person searching for jobs on a laptop

But first, let’s take a look at why standard employer benefits are a great place to start if you want to hire talented, motivated employees and how it can help your company succeed.

Many (if not most) companies offer employee benefits, such as health insurance, to incentivize creativity in their workforce while providing security or recourse against illness. If you want to hire competitively, you should consider offering these attractive perks as well. Even small firms have shown an interest in this hiring trend as more than 50% of small businesses have offered some form of health care coverage at one point or another.

It Increases Employee Loyalty

A company that offers benefits is more likely to retain its employees. One survey found 60% of workers identify an employee benefit package as being extremely or very important, and for good reason! Benefits are not just a way to keep your workforce happy. They also help with recruitment efforts by attracting new talent. Furthermore, 36% of employees say that benefits packages can entice them into staying at an organization.

In addition, employees also value the opportunity to design their own benefits package and customize their options based on what is important to them. 72% percent of survey respondents said this was an appealing feature to consider when applying for a new job.

It Will Increase Productivity
Employees collaborating

It should come as no surprise that hiring the best talent for your company, combined with feeling secure in their new environment, would equate to them being more productive while at work. Employees are human beings who share the same concerns as everyone else. They may, for example, be worried about childcare, illness, and their financial stability, all of which can distract them from being productive at work. And the numbers prove it.

According to a MetLife survey, 23% of employees are less productive due to financial worries, and 58% have lost sleep over childcare. Anxiety is the root cause of most issues in an employee's life both inside and outside the workplace. Without this mental pressure becoming a debilitating factor, employees should be more successful in all areas of life, especially at work.


Businesses that offer a comprehensive benefits package to their employees are more likely to attract the most talented people. Nowadays, it is not enough just to offer insurance and retirement plans. Your company should also be providing its workers with perks, such as an employee assistance program (EAP) for counseling services or wellness programs like discounted gym memberships. These types of offerings will keep your talent happy and engaged and will inevitably lead to increased productivity and better results.

When you partner with Passport Unlimited, we can help you design custom programs that suit all of your needs – no matter how big or small they may be! Contact us today for more information or to request a free demo.

Posted on: 7/9/2021
Towel, lotion, flowers and a candle

The best way to keep your employees feeling healthy, happy, and productive is to show them you care. Showing that you care includes allowing them to take time off for medical appointments, provide health services on-site, or offer a "wellness program" of sorts.

One effective way to do this is by providing spa visits as an employee benefit. A day at the spa has been shown to help lower stress levels and reduce symptoms of depression in less than one hour—benefits that will last all day long!

The benefits of offering this type of perk are two-fold: not only does it make employees feel cared for and loved, but it also helps with productivity! Employees who experience higher levels of happiness have been found to be more motivated in their work.

Curious about how to include spa and massage treatments into your benefits package? Read on and find out!

Make It an Employee-of-the-Month Reward
Employee of the month award

Interested in boosting productivity without the risk of burnout or a sudden caffeine energy crash? Employee-of-the-Month vouchers might just be what you're looking for. For every month that an employee meets their quota, they'll receive one voucher, which can then be redeemed at any spa location within your network, for example. Or you can go the more traditional route and give one spa voucher for the Employee of the Month.

Being able to take time out, even just for one day, can be so beneficial. We all need that occasional moment of peace and relaxation in order to fully enjoy life after the hectic workdays are over with. More importantly, we also need those moments as they help us keep our mental focus sharpened when returning to reality. That is why having an employee reward system could really make a difference!

Whether it's using these to stay on top of the game during work hours, investing them into some well-deserved relaxation time after completing your day’s tasks, this is sure to help keep employees energized and motivated throughout each long week.

Bring a Massage to the Workplace
Person receiving a back massage

A chair massage is a wonderful way to remove stress and depression from the workplace. The process of performing a chair massage on someone only takes about 15-30 minutes, so it's easy for most people who do not have much time in between their workdays anyway. They can set one up during their break or lunch period, so it shouldn’t pose too much of a logistical challenge.

A chair massage program is a great way to reduce stress. Researchers found that massages can significantly decrease depression and daily stress levels, leading to an improvement in morale as well as reduced employee turnover rates. Employers who institute their own bodywork programs are sure to see the benefits.

It’s also just a fantastic way to show your employees that you care about them and all the hard work they’re doing, as well as your commitment to their health and well-being.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to spa and massage treatments, the sky's the limit. Incorporating these services into your benefits package for employees is a great way to show that you care about their well-being as much as they do. Another idea? Set up a monthly "massage at work" day where staff has access to free chair massages in designated areas of the office. That will be an excellent motivator for them during those long hours spent hunched over their desks!

At Passport Unlimited, we can connect you with these businesses. Give us a call today if you're interested in finding out more information on how we can help your company stand out from others by offering unique incentives like massage or spa treatments. With local, national, and international partners, we’ll be able to find the package that best suits your needs!

Posted on: 7/8/2021
People sitting on park benches looking at a city

The city you live in is more than just a place to reside. It's an integral part of each one of us. So why not encourage your employees to explore their city and surrounding areas? Explore it with their families or on the weekends when they're off work. The benefits are endless!

First and foremost, your employees will have a greater sense of pride in where they live. They'll be more excited about coming into work and being productive because they know that this is their home turf. Additionally, exploring the city can help them find new favorite spots – such as restaurants or parks – that make everyday life even better than before!

Allowing your employees to explore the city also helps create bonds between coworkers outside of the office setting if they decide to have an outing with fellow employees. Your company's benefits package can be an ideal way to encourage employees to explore, so let’s take a look at some features that such a benefits package can, or should, include

Public Transportation Incentives
Public bus aisle

This idea has multiple benefits. First, it will encourage employees to spend more time with their families on the weekends and see a new side of town they wouldn't have seen otherwise. Second, the traffic is bad enough during rush hour, do you really want your employees sitting in that for hours, waiting! Giving incentives can help them arrive at work happier than before – which might make everyone else happy too because no one likes someone who's just not "in good spirits."

Car Rental Discounts
Picture of a rental car

One of the perks about being hired by a great company such as yours is that employees can receive affordable car rental discounts for weekend getaways with their friends or families. That includes an array of luxury cars, SUVs, and sporty convertibles to choose from, with no need to negotiate prices or haggle over insurance coverage because it's all included in your package!

But some recent studies have shown that most people are entirely unaware of the perks and benefits they receive from their company. That includes car rentals, which can be massively expensive if they don't know their policy well! Make sure your HR personnel knows about what your company offers or how employees can contact them with any questions. Or even better – advertise it around the office somehow so everyone knows about this great perk for a quick trip out of town without all those pesky fees!

Hotel Discounts
Hands being washed in a sink

You can also take advantage of the convenience and affordability that hotels offer by offering hotel discounts in your benefits package. Employees will appreciate being able to explore their city and surrounding area at a discounted rate while still having access to some creature comforts like food, showers, or even just TV binge sessions on those rainy days when you don't want to leave the building!

Offering hotel discounts comes in a variety of forms too. You could offer your employees an exclusive discount on hotels at your partner hotels, or you can opt for the reward route and give them a weekend stay as one of many employee rewards when they hit milestones regarding time served or skill mastery!

Passport Unlimited is your one-stop shop for finding great deals on hotel, car rental, and public transportation discounts. With Passport Unlimited’s unique partnerships with local, national, and international businesses of all types, we're able to find the right package that will suit all of your needs! Give us a call or request a demo today, and you won’t be disappointed!

Posted on: 6/7/2021
Child and puppy in mountain field

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the work life of everyone on the globe. But with vaccine milestones being hit all over the world, going back to the office part-time is on everybody's radar. But for those with children or pets, who are accustomed to staying with their little bundle of joy, this return to work can pose some challenges.

As a workplace leader, it's important you encourage a sense of regularity. But more importantly, your employees must feel like you're on their side and that you're concerned not only with growing the business, but with adapting to these new lifestyle changes we've all faced.

Here's how you can help employees with young children, or pet-parents, return to work part-time:

Let Employees Choose Their Hours
Woman in suit looking at man and child reading a book

Among those working from home, one of the best perks is the ability to schedule their own hours to adapt to their lifestyle. By allowing employees to choose when they come into the office, you'll see less stressed and, therefore, more focused people.

Setting boundaries by having your workers commit to a specified time to be at the office, with little deviation, so you know when they're available if still necessary. A little give and take does wonders to relax your team, though, and get them focused on their assignments instead of worrying.

Allow Your Employees to Bring Pets to Work
Happy coworkers looking at small dog and smiling

Research shows that bringing a pet to work can have a variety of benefits. One study found that employees who bring their dogs to work experienced lower levels of stress, a positive view of their employer, higher levels of job satisfaction, and an increase in workplace friendliness and interaction.

So, if hesitant employees are on the fence about returning because they don't want to leave their pet at home, it may help if you let them bring the pet to work. And if they are returning on a part-time basis, it's even less of an issue.

Of course, you'll have to cover your bases. Talk to your landlord, for example, to see if the lease agreement allows pets. Check with other employees to catch any potential issues, such as someone being allergic to cats or afraid of dogs. Establish a clear policy, in writing, about responsibility in case of damage or injury.

Promote Good Hygiene in the Workplace
Hands being washed in a sink

Childcare doesn't always have to translate to bringing kids to work or having affordable childcare available. Sometimes, parents just want to know their workplace is clean and hygienic. A study found that a majority of people, 66%, are worried about their health when returning to work.

Thankfully, there are simple steps to help your workplace remain safe and hygienic. Provide handwashing stations with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rubs if hand-washing stations are unavailable. You can also help by sharing messages on preventive measures that parents can also share with their children.

Determine Whether Current Workplace Policies Help Families

Dig deep and be honest with yourself. Do current workplace policies do enough to support growing families? Try to imagine being a parent or a pet owner, or both, and empathize with the anxiety they may feel having to manage care for both their children and pets.

You can build a benefits package to ease employees' fears and even to help in the recruitment of new ones. Passport Unlimited partners with over 5,000 businesses to offer discounts on benefits packages. And the best part? These packages include child care services and pet walkers!

Posted on: 6/7/2021
Empty restaurant

When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, no industry suffered more than restaurants. Hit even harder were the neighborhood family restaurants that had to deal with lockdowns, small re-openings, lockdowns, small re-openings, and lockdowns, again in a stubborn spiral of uncertainty.

But with vaccinations increasing day after day, and milestone after milestone being reached, a light at the end of the COVID tunnel emerges. With easing restrictions and partial re-openings around the corner, restaurateurs are more excited than ever.

Here are some ways you can support your local restaurants and get your employees back eating at their favorites places again:

Encourage Employees to Pick Up Food Instead of Using Apps
Restaurant worker handing over takeout bag

While delivery apps like UberEats do help restaurants get their food to hungry customers, having your employees pick up the food helps struggling restaurants more. Why? Because delivery apps charge restaurants a service fee.

For example, UberEats charges restaurants a 30% fee for delivery and a 15% fee per order for pick up. Restaurants can negotiate lower fees, but the amount still ranges between 20%-30%. DoorDash has a similar fee model, also charging restaurants between 10%-25% depending on the business and the agreement they sign.

Encouraging your employees to order directly from the restaurant and pick-up food ensures more money for the restaurant, and more money lets them stay open for longer. It also lets your employees get out of the office and into the fresh air, stretch their legs, and bask in the sun. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Encourage Proper Hygiene In and Out of the Office
Person using hand sanitizer

Supporting local restaurants doesn’t always have to mean saving your employees money or putting more money in the restaurant’s pockets. Even simple kindness and consideration towards another person can go a long way to helping a struggling restaurant.

Encourage your employees to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer when inside and outside of the office. This will keep them safe, but keep the servers safe as well. Wipe surfaces with disinfectant to ensure a clean work area, the same as restaurants wiping down tables after every customer.

Support Your Favorite Restaurants on Social Media
Buttons with facebook icons and logos

Social media is a good way of promoting a sense of community without spending money you may not have. Chances are your business has accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Follow them and share their content on your own page. Remark on how good the food is or how friendly the staff is. Or better yet, both. Tag your favorite restaurant and share past photos of company parties or employee birthdays there. Get the word out about how this restaurant is the place to be!

Establish a Discount Program For Your Employees

One way you can help your employees, and local restaurants, is to set up a dining discount program. This means saved money for your employees during their lunch breaks and a business boon for local restaurants. And if they save money, your employees are less likely to travel farther for a bite too.

Passport Unlimited can help with setting up these benefits packages. Passport Unlimited has agreements with thousands of businesses, including restaurants, and can individually negotiate with each one to bring those savings directly to your employees!

Posted on: 4/9/2021
Man working with child on computer

With some or all of your staff working remotely, you can no longer track their productivity in-person. You can't see for yourself whether employees are remaining on-track or if they are facing any at-home obstacles impeding their efficiency. Some roadblocks could be caused by sharing their workspace with their children who have been homebound.

Due to the pandemic, your employees’ children's schools may be closed for their safety. That means they are conducting their schooling from home virtually. Your staff members may be struggling as they need to monitor their children, coach them through their virtual learning, and possibly share their computer, taking away from their ability to work during school hours.

Having children going through remote learning while remaining focused on the day’s workload can be difficult. It could be impairing your staff productivity. However, as a leader, you can help. Through your employee benefits package, you can support parents by offering discounts on services that will take care of their children and help them thrive under their new education methods.

Consider including discounts to these child-focused services in your employee benefits package:

Child reading an iPad
Virtual Morning and After-School Programs

While schooling will keep their child occupied, your remote employees will still need to stay close by to keep them safe. A typical workday is also usually longer than a school day, so your parent staff may need to pause their work to occupy their children before or after school. With so many learning-focused programs available around school hours, parents can keep their child in one place as they continue virtual learning until the workday is done. Your employees may not be currently enrolling their children in these programs because of their expensive pricing, so a discount for these could go a long way.

Online Courses

Some parents have children who may not be quite old enough to be enlisted in schooling but still at an age where they would appreciate learning something new. Through online courses, your parent staff can keep their child occupied and allow them to start their learning early. Or, they can offer their child extracurricular education to build their skills and learn to do things they love. Discounts on these courses will make them much more affordable and accessible for your employees.

Childcare Services

Having another person or group watch your child is expensive. With discounts on childcare services, like daycares or babysitting organizations, your employees can make sure their child is kept safe during workdays so they can focus on their job without the extra stress of concern.

Nanny Services

Nannies are an excellent resource for families with children. They watch the children while also helping maintain the home’s condition. A nanny could be a great help to your employees if they can afford it. Include discounts to nanny services in your benefits package to improve your staff productivity and allow them to concentrate on your business.

Child working on laptop
Tutor Services

Virtual learning may not be as effective as in-person education for children. The screen adds physical and emotional distance between the child and their classroom environment, making it more challenging to grasp what they’re learning and falling behind. With the help of a tutor, parents can give their children the support they need to thrive in their virtual classroom without taking extra time away from their workday. Tutors come with a price, so a lower rate on their services will make parents more willing to seek this kind of service.

Passport Unlimited Employee Discount Programs

With Passport Unlimited, you can build an employee benefits package that could help parents take care of their children while staying productive for your business. You’ll notice your staff will work efficiently, and they’ll be much less stressed about their child care concerns, and their children can master their virtual learning. Your employees will feel valued that you help make their life a little easier when working for you.

Posted on: 4/2/2021
Smiling man in flannel looking at computer

Your employees influence your business's accomplishments. You count on them to complete their tasks at hand to satisfy your consumers.

If your employees are struggling due to stress, anxiety, poor health, or other reasons, your operation’s productivity could take a heavy hit. Your staff may feel constantly overwhelmed with personal issues that could be impacting how they conduct their work. You may be receiving completed work later than the assigned deadlines and full of errors, which will lead to unhappy clients. Furthermore, your stressed workers may experience more miscommunications with each other, causing tension and hostility that disrupt your work environment.

So what can you do as an employer? How can you support your staff members’ wellbeing to regain focus during their workdays and feel fulfilled in their free time?

Access to Wellness

Often, people experiencing mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression aren’t able to resolve their problems because of several barriers, including the inability to afford expensive services that could help them. When it comes to their physical wellness or health, your employees may not know how to kickstart a new healthy diet or follow an entire workout regimen without some guidance. However, gym classes and nutrition programs can be pricey and may be considered non-essential on your staff’s list of spending priorities.

By building an employee benefits package that makes mental health services and other wellness resources accessible to your employees, you can make a difference. They will have more tools available to them to help take care of themselves and enhance their mental and physical condition.

Consider including these wellness-promoting discounts in your employee benefits package to help them sustain their personal wellness:

Healthy food
Nutrition Services Discounts

Nutrition is an essential staple in a person's wellbeing. It's vital to consume valuable nutrients in a healthy diet that will promote physical functioning, energy, and high cognitive functioning. Malnourishment could play a big role in your employees’ stress management and health. They may be emotionally imbalanced or more susceptible to illness and call in sick quite often, which could bring some of your operations to a brief halt until they're back.

Seeking help from a nutritionist can be costly, which could be why your staff is having difficulty following a healthy diet that works for them. By including discounts to programs that can educate them and help them get on track with healthy eating, you could make an impressive impact on your employee wellness.

Meal Delivery Discounts

Your employees work all day and invest a lot of energy into what they do. After a busy day of work, they may feel too drained to cook a meal, leading them to opt for 'quick bites' or ordering cheap, fast-food takeout.

By offering discounts to meal delivery services that provide nutritious pre-cooked dishes, or easy-to-make meals with all ingredients included, you can make healthy eating convenient for your employees.

Lady doing a yoga pose
Subscription Deals for Wellness Apps

Wellness apps are excellent resources for guiding your employees to live a healthier lifestyle. These apps target fitness, mental health, sleep, eating, and more. However, they often come with a price that could turn away employees on a budget.

Consider inducing wellness app subscriptions or discounts in your benefits program. The savings could motivate your employees to join programs that will lead them to live healthier and happier lives.

Passport Unlimited Employee Discount Programs

With Passport Unlimited, you can build an employee benefits package that could help your employees achieve personal wellness, which will improve your business. You’ll notice your staff will be more productive, contributing to a positive work environment. Your employees will feel valued by you for offering financial savings and access to health and wellness resources in your benefits package.

Posted on: 2/10/2021
Professional woman working on laptop with child jumping next to her

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a shift in the workforce as companies were required to shut their office doors and adapt to remote work-home balance. Your employees have likely been dispersed and set up their new workspaces within their homes, causing your work culture to undergo a massive, unexpected transformation. Meetings are conducted via video rather than the conference room at your office, and water-cooler chats no longer exist.

With your team working at home, their work-life balance may be completely skewed. The time limits of a workday are blurred now that your employees have constant access to completing their work at home. While they may believe this is a demonstration of higher productivity, it could lead to negative results like burnout and lower work quality.

As a leader, your new duty is to encourage as much normalcy for your employees while they work from home. This will help them maintain work-home balance so they will remain an asset to your business and be able to tend to their personal lives and wellbeing when the workday is over.

Here is how you can promote work-home balance for your remote workforce:

Allow Freedom in Scheduling

A benefit of remote work for your employees is the freedom to adjust their workday scheduling to suit their lifestyle. You may notice higher productivity in your employees as they shape their scheduling around times when they are more highly focused.

It’s highly recommended that you promote scheduling flexibility for your remote employees. This is highly valued by employees working remotely. With more freedom, they can run errands during their lunch breaks or take care of their kids at certain hours while their partner holds meetings from their home office. You will still need to ensure boundaries are set by having your remote workers share their hours so you can know when they are available and ensure they are completing their necessary daily workload.

Man smiling at laptop in white office
Encourage At-Home Workspaces

Whether you choose to maintain regular 9-to-5 scheduling or allow your employees to establish remote scheduling, you must ensure they only work their necessary hours and no more or less. You can achieve this by having your team members set online and offline hours, which apply to when they are working and when they can no longer be contacted for work-related issues. It’s essential to ensure your team honors one another's’ hours.

With these hours, which can be established on most communication platforms, your team can develop their work-home balance.

Establish Online and Offline Hours

While you may not have total control of where your employees work within their homes, you can help them find some work-home balance by suggesting they designate a workspace. You can do this by including discounts to workspace equipment retailers or by sharing at-home workspace set-up tips.

Promote Wellness with Work-Home Balance and Health Tips

These times are highly stressful for your employees. The shift of everyday life may have heightened their anxiety levels as the pandemic has caused social isolation, reduced access to certain resources, and entirely different work environments. The stress and chaos from the pandemic may impact your remote workers’ mental and physical health.

You may have an on-site fitness center at your office or resources available for your employees’ wellbeing. Now that they are home, you may need to find alternative methods, like sharing health tips through emails or providing discounts to wellness resources like apps, subscriptions, or online classes. Supporting your employees’ wellness through these services and discounts will lead to their reduced stress and improved ability to remain productive from home.

Mom and child looking at laptop under blanket
Promote Work-Home Balance With Passport Unlimited Packages

To help your employees thrive while working from home, you can build a benefits package filled with discounts to local and world-renowned businesses so they and their families can adapt to their new work lives. Passport Unlimited is partnered with a wide range of companies that will promote your employees’ wellness and establish their new work setting so they can manage their work-home balance.

Posted on: 2/9/2021
Person wearing a mask in front of a laptop

This past year, the COVID-19 pandemic altered the structure of society. One significant change brought about by the pandemic is that more people are working from home. While the transition period was likely a challenge for your business, the time has allowed everyone to settle into their at-home work environments.

With your employees working from home, some of the perks in your benefits package may no longer apply to them as before the pandemic. The job perks around your office space are not being used, and you can no longer host weekly free lunches at your office.

Now is the time to reconsider your benefits package. You will want to consider your remote employees' new post-pandemic needs. To help you reshape your job perks to employees, consider these statistics:

74% of employees in a MetLife study claimed they are concerned about one or more facets of their overall wellbeing

With the intense waves of COVID-19 infection spread, your employees are more anxious about getting sick with coronavirus, leading to heightened and reduced wellbeing. This era is filled with stress from isolation and no longer having access to usual resources from pre-pandemic everyday life.

With this in mind, you may want to include job perks in your benefits to promote and support holistic wellbeing. Your employees will highly value access to mental and physical wellness

The number of employees feeling financially well is on the decline from 61% in 2018 to 49% in 2020

The pandemic greatly impacted the economy as businesses received fewer profits, laid off employees, or were required to close. This means many families relying on two incomes could now possibly be counting on just one. While working from home saves money on a commute, your employees may now be handling expensive energy bills. The chaos that ensued from the pandemic may also leave them feeling unsure if they’re prepared to handle any further financial hits.

You can relieve your employees of some financial stresses with a savings or discount program. They will appreciate any opportunity to save costs on merchant businesses, takeout meals, and more.

66% of employees feel their productivity has been negatively impacted by balancing child care and their remote work responsibilities since the pandemic
Mother working on laptop with toddler in lap

Your employees are likely not alone while working from home. They may have children in the house as schools and daycares have been shut down throughout the waves of the virus spread. This means they need to supervise and entertain their children while conducting meetings, completing assignments, and other work-related duties.

By offering job perks like discounts to businesses with children’s toys, entertainment materials, and more, you could help your employees occupy their children during workdays. Including savings to childcare services could relieve your remote workers of the stresses of working with their children in the home.

Almost 20% of employees want lifestyle and entertainment tools in their job perks
two people watching netflix

Now that people are required to stay home, entertainment services like streaming platform accounts and hardware are highly desirable to employees. These have been beneficial for distracting from the stresses of COVID-19.

You can support your employees’ access to entertainment in their homes by partnering with businesses that sell the necessary equipment. As an employer, you may also want to consider free streaming service accounts or discounts in your job perks.

42% of companies are adapting their job perks packages after the pandemic

Since the pandemic, a high percentage of employers are reshaping their company perks to cater to their workers' modern needs. With offices shut down, the access to free coffee and an on-site fitness center is no longer relevant. This is especially relevant if you plan to keep employees working remotely for a long time beyond the pandemic.

With Passport Unlimited, you can build an employee benefits package with discounts to local businesses and services. Your employees will feel more satisfied with your business as you offer financial savings and access to services that will promote their health, wellness, entertainment and provide child care assistance. You’ll notice heightened productivity and reduced staff turnover so your business can continue making progress through these uncertain times.

Posted on: 1/12/2021
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Due to the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, many offices have shut down, and staff teams have been separated to work remotely in their own homes. This is designed to reduce the risk of continued virus spread, keeping everyone healthy and safe.

However, most teams weren't given a chance to develop a plan to stay connected or adjust their regular workday to the home setting. Their new office space may be full of distractions for families, decreasing productivity and overall employee engagement.

To ensure your business continues moving forward, you will need to focus on strategies to engage remote employees.

Keep Checking In

Now that you can't see your employees working productively as you would in the office, you should initiate a system where you can meet with your remote workers one-on-one. For them, asking questions about their assignments or workload has changed where they can't simply knock on your office door, so make sure to offer a platform or new approach where they can ask you questions and get feedback almost immediately as they would in-person.

You can also take this time to hear how they are finding their remote work setup and any problems you could potentially help with. Hearing feedback from team members on the new remote work style will help you understand consistent glitches or areas where you need to reshape your approach or offer solutions or resources to keep everyone on track.

By constantly meeting and holding discussions, you'll have a higher chance of engaging remote employees so they will remain focused on working at their highest efficiency levels and completing their work on time at its best quality as they would have in the office.

Video Conferencing

Try to conduct staff communication on video calling platforms. That way, you and your employees will feel more connected like you would in the office. During these trying times, society has changed so dramatically that everything is uncomfortable and seems unfamiliar. By seeing your staff's faces through video calls and hearing their voices again, your team will get to stay in touch with something familiar and standard in their lives. This could help them to cope with the setting changes.

Video calling will help with engaging remote employees, not only by reducing their sense of isolation with a team reunion, but it also offers a platform for collaboration. As you would in a brainstorming meeting in the office, you can use your video platform to share any important information for everyone to hear and share any issues or projects that need help moving forward.

Virtual video-based calls are also helpful for any training for new or current employees. This method makes it easier to walk your team through new software or discuss new strategies or techniques you will implement for a functional remote workstyle.

Be Transparent About Remote Work Expectations

Now that you and your team have been spread apart, your staff may be confused about the new conditions of their workdays or how to balance work and their personal life. When leading your remote team, list details of new standards, including how to contact management, report if they are sick or have an emergency leaving them unable to work from home, new regular work hours, and more. By being clear about your work output expectations, they will have the information necessary to remain productive and focused on their regular workload.

Show Your Appreciation for Their Work

The pandemic's constantly changing conditions could easily leave your employees stressed and missing their office work setup. The stress of these times could impair their ability to work.

That is why it's necessary to show your appreciation for staying committed to your business while going through these changes. Despite this anxious period, your team has continued to perform work for you to support your business. By saying thank you and expressing your gratitude, they will feel the emotional reward of their hard work.

Offer Rewards Through Employee Wellness Programs

Engaging remote employees with programs that will support their wellness will motivate them to stay committed to their work. An employee wellness program with restaurant or retail partnerships will offer access to good food and tools they need in their new daily living. A program with software and online vendor discounts will make it easier for your team to access resources to boost productivity.

To get started on building an employee wellness program to offer your team the resources and discounts that will help them stay engaged and manage these difficult times, choose Passport Unlimited. You can customize your staff's benefits, so you know they have everything they need to cope and stay productive. Book your demo with Passport Unlimited today.

Posted on: 12/15/2020
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Offering an employee discount program provides an extra incentive for your team to trust and feel motivated to commit to your company. By implementing such a program, employees can enjoy more of their personal life on top of their work lives. With this balance, you’ll see boosted team morale and efficiency. However, before singing your praises, your team needs to understand what the program is and how they can reap the benefits.

Determine Your Employees' Needs

If you understand what your workers are looking for in retail, dining, and other activities, you will know how to promote your package to them.

Due to the sweep of COVID-19 over the world and the need for social distancing, the rising trend is to have employees work from home rather than go into the office. Whether your team has already started working remotely, or is transitioning into this new setting, they now need to ensure they have the proper office materials at home. Sharing that employees have access to discounts with Lenovo or one of our other technology retail partners, will make them more likely to take advantage of their discount program.

Use The Right Channels to Promote the Program

The coronavirus pandemic caused a shift in how companies function without a communal office space. With everyone working remotely, you need to find new ways to communicate with your team. Rather than telling them in person, you have to attract their attention to important news and promotions, using an alternative method. It takes more than a memo on a corkboard these days.

For your employees to learn about the extra mile of benefits you offer them, you need to access them on a platform they access frequently for other communications. A company-wide email is a start, but other options include an internal website domain where you already share news and information specifically for your team. Include a page committed to our program so everyone is fully aware of the endless benefits that you’ve opened to them.

If you rely on social media or specific apps for communicating with your team, consider a promotional campaign that will frequently remind them of the handful of benefits accessible through your package.

Plan Ahead

Accessing our discount program involves member registration. You could share the instructions or proper links leading your employees to get started. However, if your team is glued to the computer performing regular work tasks, they may put this on the back-burner and neglect their membership. To avoid this, try pre-registering. That way, when you start promoting the bundle, it’s easier for them to immediately investigate and see the perks you’ve arranged for them.

Strategize promotional communications materials like e-newsletters, social media posts, or news posts on your internal website to keep your company in the loop. Use attention-grabbing images and remind them of enticing discounts that apply to their lifestyles (home office materials, restaurants, local business deals).

Market the Employee Discount Program

Once you’ve established your program, it’s time to push promotional materials on your chosen channels to build excitement around employee memberships. Share the endless list of our partners with discounts available to them, and how they can be accessed. By continuously sharing these details with your workers, you are also reminding them of the perks of working for you. You are displaying the rewards that come with working for your company, thereby boosting employee satisfaction as they work for you.

Our list of partners and their promotional offers are constantly expanding. To reinforce that members have access to a fortune of savings, continue to market the package after launching the program.

Now that people are working remotely due to the pandemic, it’s important to find ways to reach and connect with your team to keep them motivated. Offering an employee discount program that will save them up to thousands of dollars in the services and products they need is the best way to exhibit that your company values its people. As they understand the rewards involved, your employees will be happy to work for you.

To learn more about what everyone involved in your company will gain when implementing a Passport Unlimited employee discount program, scroll through our Corporate Benefits information.

Posted on: 11/11/2020
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From major companies to startups, managing the benefits game is a crucial part of attracting and retaining top talent. On top of conventional benefits like health insurance, companies have gone above and beyond to provide employee support through concepts like:

  • Catered-food
  • Wellness/exercise programs
  • Work-life balance tools
  • On-site child care

However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have been forced to shift their operations remotely, possibly for a long time. In addition, statistics are showing that many employees are enjoying their remote workplaces, and would like to see remote work in some capacity even when the pandemic subsides. This puts business owners in a bind in terms of their benefits programs. They still want that added employee satisfaction/perks for talent prospects, but need to reevaluate exactly what benefits they provide. Here’s a look at some unique benefit options well-suited for remote teams.

Posted on: 11/1/2020
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Local merchant discounts: Local businesses like restaurants and retailers have been particularly hit by lockdown restrictions. As a result, we’re seeing a bigger push for people to support their local businesses as those restrictions get lifted. One way you can help facilitate this is by setting up a discount program for your employees. Many of these employees are more likely to shop locally rather than traveling further, so there’s a practical benefit on their end, as well.

Online workout discounts: Wellness has been on people’s minds a lot during this pandemic, and with gyms still being a hot topic in terms of safety, many people are opting for virtual workouts instead. Creating a plan that allows people to save on virtual workouts shows you are thinking about their immediate safety and long-term health. These also make for a great substitute if you had an on-site workout program that had to be cut short due to COVID-19 restrictions. Ideally, you want to create as reasonable a facsimile of your existing benefits plans as possible.

Home loan savings: While this isn’t the type of decision you can make on a whim, the fact that interest rates are at historic lows may mean some people already on the road to buying a home will want to pull the trigger now. Partnering with banks and credit unions to offer savings in these areas shows that you are thinking about their long-term plans. In addition, you can partner with banks and credit unions to provide benefits for other services, like additional perks with a new account or credit card.

Posted on: 11/1/2020
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Every business owner’s creativity is being tested during this time, not just in operations, but employee relations. As a result, business owners need to reconfigure their benefits plans in order to be as appealing as possible for remote workers, possibly for the long-term. The best way to create an appealing, remote-friendly benefits package is with options. Every business has its own workforce with unique preferences and quirks, and the better you can service them, the easier it is to keep them happy and see improved retention and recruitment.

At Passport Unlimited, we are the perfect fit to help make that happen. We work with over 5000 companies, national and local, to create benefit packages that you can provide to your employees. Choose a customized package of benefits and deals that your employees can use, even while working remotely. With our exclusive collections, we are the perfect partner for taking your benefits program to the next level.