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How to Have a Personal Life While Working From Home

Remote employee on laptop keyboard

Remote work has successfully offered flexibility to employees all over the world. With the option to work from home, it is up to the employee to create a work schedule for themselves that is ideal, while tackling their personal responsibilities.

However, there are downsides to this kind of flexibility as it can instill unwarranted pressure. There is a lack of in-personal contact with colleagues and coworkers, which reduces chances of any social interaction during stressful tasks. If you have a job that offers you flexible hours, you may often find yourself working outside of the office hours, much more than you would if you were working from the office. And before you know it, you’ll wonder why you have been putting in the extra hours and not being compensated for it. There must be a strict work and personal life balance when working from home. Here are some ways you can achieve it.

Adhere to Your Set Schedule

With the flexibility to work from anywhere, it is easy to blur the lines between work and personal life. If your schedule is different from the rest of your team members, you’ll find yourself actively working around the clock even though you’re not supposed to. So, you must set a strict schedule and adhere to it every day. When your teammates know that there is one set time for you to be working, they will respect it and not contact you outside of it.

Out of Office or Away Message

Working from home has encouraged companies to hire people from all over the world, which means they belong to diverse time zones. The timings they work at might not necessarily be your working hours. Put an “out of office” message on your status once your hours for the day are done so your team members know not to disturb you during this time.

Take Breaks

Working from home has reduced costs quite a bit and you no longer have to commute to work. But this can take away your social interactions. Short and sweet as they may be during the day, they greatly impact your outlook on life. So, even though you are super productive at work, try taking short breaks to get the groceries done or take a small walk so you don’t feel gloomy or stuck in front of a screen all day.

Make Plans After Work

If your home office is in your living room, then it might be harder for you to switch off from work mode and switch into relaxing mode. If you want to relax but are finding that hard to do with your workstation staring you in the face, try making plans with friends after work, even if it is just to go for a socially distanced walk.

Dress Up for Work

We know what it sounds like, but there is more to this tip than you may think! Take the time you previously would spend commuting and get ready for work. Turn on your camera when you are in meetings so you can have some face-to-face interaction with your colleagues. Trust us, it will shift your work outlook drastically and make you feel better about yourself.

Are you interested in learning more tips and tricks? Passport Unlimited may be able to address some of your concerns. Reach out to us for more information now.