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Tailoring Your Benefits Packages for Remote Employees

Remote employee doing plank dumbell rows

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has become the new normal. Employers and workers alike are finding all kinds of benefits, meaning that this trend is likely here to stay – in some capacity.

Because of the many differences working from home makes on a company, including profits versus costs, employee expenses, and general overhead, some adaptations will need to be made to keep this trend working in the long term.

One significant consideration that needs to be made, however, has not yet become top of mind for most people. That consideration is benefits.

As companies become more and more dependant on remote workers, what should their benefits packages look like? What makes up an attractive incentive package for remote employees and digital nomads alike?

Offering health care, extended medical, and dental will always be attractive, along with monetary bonuses. But in some industries, these perks are standard. With the ongoing reshuffling of workers, it can help to have a few unexpected incentives in the back pocket to tip prospective clients in your favor.

Here are some ways of providing remote workers with exciting incentives and benefits.

Wellness Perks

As working from home becomes the new normal, a significant consideration is that the home office does not require a commute, i.e., the steps and movement that we need on a daily basis. Ditching the commute may feel great and banish some stress, but, for many, this is their most reliable form of exercise.

We know that diet, exercise and meditation are good for us. Still, it can be hard to get started and incorporate these practices into daily life.

Employers also know that wellness will make employees work more efficiently, boost morale, and lower health costs. Therefore, many are opting to include gym memberships, meal plans, wellness hours, and all kinds of wellness-promoting tactics to retain employees and make them feel valued, which is a win-win.

Passport Unlimited offers a variety of wellness centered discounts, including gyms and fitness classes, mental health resources, nutrition options and more!

Online Activities

By far, the biggest downside to working from home is the isolation. We yearn for the days of the water cooler. However, employers and HR teams should know there are plenty of online options like games, trivia nights, scavenger hunts, dance parties, and more to engage co-workers. Apps and online platforms also exist to help organize these events.

Allowing employees to have fun together will build up the team and boost morale in a meaningful way. Passport Unlimited offers discounts for online classes and camps for both adults and children.

Providing the Best Technology

Keeping organized at the home office and working far from team members can be challenging. When workers are in the office together, it is easier to organize things visually (on walls) or physically (in file cabinets). When everything is online, it helps to have strong organization and data management systems to save time and reduce friction.

Passport Unlimited offers discounts on technology including computers, peripherals, audio and visual as well as home office furniture.

Training and Upskilling

One of the biggest responses to the Great Resignation has been through upskilling or reskilling. Instead of letting go of under-skilled team members, taking the time to upskill sincerely improves morale and corporate culture.

two woment looking at computer screen

Some employers might think it is not worth the time and cost, but they should have a second look at their recruiting expenses. When talent knows they can grow in their positions with your team they will be lining up to come on board.

Rewards Programs

Employees will love being a part of a platform that offers them discounts at local stores and restaurants or even online merchandise.

Passport Unlimited is an employee engagement platform that offers a variety of content to meet the needs of employees in various life stages. If you are looking to attract and retain employees better, consider looking into Passport Unlimited.