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Fun Work Lunch Ideas To Show Your Team You Appreciate Them

Employees having lunch together

As a manager or team leader, it's important to show appreciation for your team members. One way to do this is by organizing fun work lunches that bring everyone together. These events can help boost morale, improve team dynamics, and show your team that you value their hard work. Here are some creative and fun work lunch ideas for your team.

Food Truck Fiesta

Hire a few food trucks to park near your office and let employees choose from a variety of cuisines. A variety of food trucks will accommodate common dietary restrictions and give the team the chance to taste new dishes.

Charcuterie And Crudites

Change it up from a standard lunch and try a charcuterie and crudites buffet. This is a fun opportunity to get creative with fruits, vegetables, cured meats, crackers, and cheeses. Some caterers can even turn a conference room table into a massive snack spread that doubles as an amazing work of art with these appetizers.

Comfort Food Fare

Comfort food has a way of making you feel good and nostalgic so offer a buffet of some of the most popular comfort foods. From chili, macaroni and cheese, pot pies, grilled cheese sandwiches, bread, potatoes, and more, your staff will appreciate the warm gesture.

Soup And Salad

If your team prefers a lighter lunch, soup and salad options are a great way to satisfy your employees. Make sure to mix it up with different salad and soup options for every taste bud.

Global Cuisine

Try going global with themed meals with your team. Choose a country or city known for its delicious cuisine and order a mix of dishes to share. Discover new favorites, support local restaurants, and bond over a culinary adventure. Step it up a notch and add decorations, music, and themed games for a fun lunch event.

DIY Pizza Bar

Another fun company lunch idea is to have a DIY pizza bar. Set up a station with different pizza crusts, sauces, cheeses, meats, and toppings so that everyone can create their own personalized pizza. Instead of trying to figure out what kind of pizza everyone wants, this is a perfect way to accommodate the team. Plus, who doesn't love pizza?


Potluck office lunches are a great way to bring coworkers together, share delicious food, and have fun. Send out a survey to determine the best day and time for your team to have a potluck. Once you have a date locked in, create a sign-up sheet where employees can indicate what dish they will be bringing. Encourage variety by suggesting different categories such as appetizers, main dishes, sides, desserts, and beverages.

Lunch And Learns

Lunch and learn events are a great way for your team to learn helpful information on interesting topics, while providing lunch so they can socialize. Forbes recently published an article saying that “a culture that emphasizes the importance of refueling during the day signals to employees that their well-being is a top priority [and] can be a force multiplier for employee engagement, productivity and loyalty.” 

Team Building Lunch Activities

Try something new with your team on a lunch break and put together fun team-building activities . From trivia quizzes to scavenger hunts, these challenges promote teamwork, boost morale, and create team memories. After the team-building, treat your team to lunch at a local restaurant. 

Company lunches don't have to be the traditional box lunches and everyone sits at their desk. So try one of these fun ideas from hosting a potluck, buffet, catering, or taking your team to lunch, mix it up and have fun! Passport's corporate discount program has partnerships with KoJa Kitchen in the Bay Area, Lunchbox Laboratory in the Seattle area, Sammy's Woodfired Pizza in San Diego, and many other restaurants. Note: KoJA Kitchen, Lunchbox Laboratory, and Sammy's Woodfired Pizza only offer discounts for dine-in. 

Contact us to learn more about how our corporate program can give your company discounts to local restaurants, among many other things. Schedule a demo today!