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What Job Perks Do Employees Want in a Post-Pandemic World

Employee perks participant wearing a mask in front of a laptop

This past year, the COVID-19 pandemic altered the structure of society. One significant change brought about by the pandemic is that more people are working from home. While the transition period was likely a challenge for your business, the time has allowed everyone to settle into their at-home work environments.

With your employees working from home, some of the perks in your benefits package may no longer apply to them as before the pandemic. The job perks around your office space are not being used, and you can no longer host weekly free lunches at your office.

Now is the time to reconsider your benefits package. You will want to consider your remote employees' new post-pandemic needs. To help you reshape your job perks to employees, consider these statistics:

74% of employees in a MetLife study claimed they are concerned about one or more facets of their overall wellbeing

With the intense waves of COVID-19 infection spread, your employees are more anxious about getting sick with coronavirus, leading to heightened and reduced wellbeing. This era is filled with stress from isolation and no longer having access to usual resources from pre-pandemic everyday life.

With this in mind, you may want to include job perks in your benefits to promote and support holistic wellbeing. Your employees will highly value access to mental and physical wellness

The number of employees feeling financially well is on the decline from 61% in 2018 to 49% in 2020

The pandemic greatly impacted the economy as businesses received fewer profits, laid off employees, or were required to close. This means many families relying on two incomes could now possibly be counting on just one. While working from home saves money on a commute, your employees may now be handling expensive energy bills. The chaos that ensued from the pandemic may also leave them feeling unsure if they’re prepared to handle any further financial hits.

You can relieve your employees of some financial stresses with a savings or discount program. They will appreciate any opportunity to save costs on merchant businesses, takeout meals, and more.

66% of employees feel their productivity has been negatively impacted by balancing child care and their remote work responsibilities since the pandemic
Mother working on laptop with toddler in lap

Your employees are likely not alone while working from home. They may have children in the house as schools and daycares have been shut down throughout the waves of the virus spread. This means they need to supervise and entertain their children while conducting meetings, completing assignments, and other work-related duties.

By offering job perks like discounts to businesses with children’s toys, entertainment materials, and more, you could help your employees occupy their children during workdays. Including savings to childcare services could relieve your remote workers of the stresses of working with their children in the home.

Almost 20% of employees want lifestyle and entertainment tools in their job perks
two people watching netflix

Now that people are required to stay home, entertainment services like streaming platform accounts and hardware are highly desirable to employees. These have been beneficial for distracting from the stresses of COVID-19.

You can support your employees’ access to entertainment in their homes by partnering with businesses that sell the necessary equipment. As an employer, you may also want to consider free streaming service accounts or discounts in your job perks.

42% of companies are adapting their job perks packages after the pandemic

Since the pandemic, a high percentage of employers are reshaping their company perks to cater to their workers' modern needs. With offices shut down, the access to free coffee and an on-site fitness center is no longer relevant. This is especially relevant if you plan to keep employees working remotely for a long time beyond the pandemic.

With Passport Unlimited, you can build an employee benefits package with discounts to local businesses and services. Your employees will feel more satisfied with your business as you offer financial savings and access to services that will promote their health, wellness, entertainment and provide child care assistance. You’ll notice heightened productivity and reduced staff turnover so your business can continue making progress through these uncertain times.