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Best Practices to Implement and Launch an Employee Discount Program

Two minds and an employee discount package to-do list

Offering an employee discount program provides an extra incentive for your team to trust and feel motivated to commit to your company. By implementing such a program, employees can enjoy more of their personal life on top of their work lives. With this balance, you’ll see boosted team morale and efficiency. However, before singing your praises, your team needs to understand what the program is and how they can reap the benefits.

Determine Your Employees' Needs

If you understand what your workers are looking for in retail, dining, and other activities, you will know how to promote your package to them.

Due to the sweep of COVID-19 over the world and the need for social distancing, the rising trend is to have employees work from home rather than go into the office. Whether your team has already started working remotely, or is transitioning into this new setting, they now need to ensure they have the proper office materials at home. Sharing that employees have access to discounts with Lenovo or one of our other technology retail partners, will make them more likely to take advantage of their discount program.

Use The Right Channels to Promote the Program

The coronavirus pandemic caused a shift in how companies function without a communal office space. With everyone working remotely, you need to find new ways to communicate with your team. Rather than telling them in person, you have to attract their attention to important news and promotions, using an alternative method. It takes more than a memo on a corkboard these days.

For your employees to learn about the extra mile of benefits you offer them, you need to access them on a platform they access frequently for other communications. A company-wide email is a start, but other options include an internal website domain where you already share news and information specifically for your team. Include a page committed to our program so everyone is fully aware of the endless benefits that you’ve opened to them.

If you rely on social media or specific apps for communicating with your team, consider a promotional campaign that will frequently remind them of the handful of benefits accessible through your package.

Plan Ahead

Accessing our discount program involves member registration. You could share the instructions or proper links leading your employees to get started. However, if your team is glued to the computer performing regular work tasks, they may put this on the back-burner and neglect their membership. To avoid this, try pre-registering. That way, when you start promoting the bundle, it’s easier for them to immediately investigate and see the perks you’ve arranged for them.

Strategize promotional communications materials like e-newsletters, social media posts, or news posts on your internal website to keep your company in the loop. Use attention-grabbing images and remind them of enticing discounts that apply to their lifestyles (home office materials, restaurants, local business deals).

Market the Employee Discount Program

Once you’ve established your program, it’s time to push promotional materials on your chosen channels to build excitement around employee memberships. Share the endless list of our partners with discounts available to them, and how they can be accessed. By continuously sharing these details with your workers, you are also reminding them of the perks of working for you. You are displaying the rewards that come with working for your company, thereby boosting employee satisfaction as they work for you.

Our list of partners and their promotional offers are constantly expanding. To reinforce that members have access to a fortune of savings, continue to market the package after launching the program.

Now that people are working remotely due to the pandemic, it’s important to find ways to reach and connect with your team to keep them motivated. Offering an employee discount program that will save them up to thousands of dollars in the services and products they need is the best way to exhibit that your company values its people. As they understand the rewards involved, your employees will be happy to work for you.

To learn more about what everyone involved in your company will gain when implementing a Passport Unlimited employee discount program, scroll through our Corporate Benefits information.