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Building Benefits Packages to Promote Employee Wellbeing

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Your employees influence your business's accomplishments. You count on them to complete their tasks at hand to satisfy your consumers.

If your employees are struggling due to stress, anxiety, poor health, or other reasons, your operation’s productivity could take a heavy hit. Your staff may feel constantly overwhelmed with personal issues that could be impacting how they conduct their work. You may be receiving completed work later than the assigned deadlines and full of errors, which will lead to unhappy clients. Furthermore, your stressed workers may experience more miscommunications with each other, causing tension and hostility that disrupt your work environment.

So what can you do as an employer? How can you support your staff members’ wellbeing to regain focus during their workdays and feel fulfilled in their free time?

Access to Wellness

Often, people experiencing mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression aren’t able to resolve their problems because of several barriers, including the inability to afford expensive services that could help them. When it comes to their physical wellness or health, your employees may not know how to kickstart a new healthy diet or follow an entire workout regimen without some guidance. However, gym classes and nutrition programs can be pricey and may be considered non-essential on your staff’s list of spending priorities.

By building an employee benefits package that makes mental health services and other wellness resources accessible to your employees, you can make a difference. They will have more tools available to them to help take care of themselves and enhance their mental and physical condition.

Consider including these wellness-promoting discounts in your employee benefits package to help them sustain their personal wellness:

Healthy food
Nutrition Services Discounts

Nutrition is an essential staple in a person's wellbeing. It's vital to consume valuable nutrients in a healthy diet that will promote physical functioning, energy, and high cognitive functioning. Malnourishment could play a big role in your employees’ stress management and health. They may be emotionally imbalanced or more susceptible to illness and call in sick quite often, which could bring some of your operations to a brief halt until they're back.

Seeking help from a nutritionist can be costly, which could be why your staff is having difficulty following a healthy diet that works for them. By including discounts to programs that can educate them and help them get on track with healthy eating, you could make an impressive impact on your employee wellness.

Meal Delivery Discounts

Your employees work all day and invest a lot of energy into what they do. After a busy day of work, they may feel too drained to cook a meal, leading them to opt for 'quick bites' or ordering cheap, fast-food takeout.

By offering discounts to meal delivery services that provide nutritious pre-cooked dishes, or easy-to-make meals with all ingredients included, you can make healthy eating convenient for your employees.

Lady doing a yoga pose
Subscription Deals for Wellness Apps

Wellness apps are excellent resources for guiding your employees to live a healthier lifestyle. These apps target fitness, mental health, sleep, eating, and more. However, they often come with a price that could turn away employees on a budget.

Consider inducing wellness app subscriptions or discounts in your benefits program. The savings could motivate your employees to join programs that will lead them to live healthier and happier lives.

Passport Unlimited Employee Discount Programs

With Passport Unlimited, you can build an employee benefits package that could help your employees achieve personal wellness, which will improve your business. You’ll notice your staff will be more productive, contributing to a positive work environment. Your employees will feel valued by you for offering financial savings and access to health and wellness resources in your benefits package.