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Getting Back Into the Office Groove

People at a conference table after the covid pandemic

Many of us have gotten used to spending time out of the office, working remotely or at home, but now we're starting to see more and more employers transitioning back to the office. While this is an exciting time, there might be some awkwardness or bumps along the way as we all get back into that office groove. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to help yourself feel comfortable and confident at the workplace again.

1. Plan Ahead, Even With the Basics

Back in the before-times, when going to work was second nature to all of us, we did things by habit, without even thinking about it. We packed our lunches to save money, had our transportation sorted out, and were experts (well, near-experts) at getting everyone in our home out the door.

Now, we might be a little out of practice in terms of the tasks we once completed on auto-pilot. Maybe you forget to pre-pack a lunch, or maybe you can't seem to remember to load money on your MetroCard. Planning ahead can make a big difference on whatever challenge you're facing with the basics of getting out the door and to an actual, physical workplace.

Try making a meal plan for the week in advance, or use your Sunday afternoon to pack lunches ahead of time. Choose nutritious, fun recipes that are easy to make and that you'll look forward to on your break. You can also set an alert on your phone or calendar for when you anticipate your MetroCard will be empty. Soon, with a little planning, you'll be back on auto-pilot.

Person running down road
2. Put Your Personal Wellness First When Back in Office

As an HR professional, you probably spend a lot of time with people, and interacting with your colleagues is a key part of your job. But being around coworkers and socializing, even when it's just office small-talk, might be a bit of a shock to the system after all that remote work.

If you're finding yourself overwhelmed, make sure to put your personal wellness first. This will be a difficult transition for many, and you're not alone if you're finding it difficult. Consider booking yourself a mindfulness and meditation workshop or gentle yoga class. You can also reach out to talk to a loved one, like a family member or friend, and share how you're feeling. If your workplace is flexible with your transition to being back in office, then consider starting with a hybrid model. Two days working from home and three days in the office is a great place to build from.

Person running down road
3. Keep a Positive Attitude and Reap the Benefits

Working in a physical office environment can come with its frustrations. You have to commute and leave the house, and you have to share common spaces like bathrooms and break rooms. As you get back to the office, try to adopt a positive mental attitude as much as possible. Positive thinking can help with stress management, and people who engage in positive self-talk see a myriad of benefits, just by treating themselves with kindness.

Don't get down on yourself if you're not the exact employee you were before you moved to remote work. You'll get that spring back in your step in no time.

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