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Shop Local, Stay Fit & Save!

Local merchant with note pad looking at computer screen

Local merchant discounts: Local businesses like restaurants and retailers have been particularly hit by lockdown restrictions. As a result, we’re seeing a bigger push for people to support their local businesses as those restrictions get lifted. One way you can help facilitate this is by setting up a discount program for your employees. Many of these employees are more likely to shop locally rather than traveling further, so there’s a practical benefit on their end, as well.

Online workout discounts: Wellness has been on people’s minds a lot during this pandemic, and with gyms still being a hot topic in terms of safety, many people are opting for virtual workouts instead. Creating a plan that allows people to save on virtual workouts shows you are thinking about their immediate safety and long-term health. These also make for a great substitute if you had an on-site workout program that had to be cut short due to COVID-19 restrictions. Ideally, you want to create as reasonable a facsimile of your existing benefits plans as possible.

Home loan savings: While this isn’t the type of decision you can make on a whim, the fact that interest rates are at historic lows may mean some people already on the road to buying a home will want to pull the trigger now. Partnering with banks and credit unions to offer savings in these areas shows that you are thinking about their long-term plans. In addition, you can partner with banks and credit unions to provide benefits for other services, like additional perks with a new account or credit card.