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What Should You Include in an Employee Benefits Program?

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With an employee benefits program, companies can appreciate their employees and show that they care about them.

What is an Employee Benefits Program?

An Employee Benefits Program simply refers to a program that covers the indirect pay of the workforce, such as health insurance, 401(k), life insurance, personal purchase discounts, and other things that an employee might want for a secure financial outlook. The Passport Corporate program can be an added perk of the job to attract top talent in the market, as well as a way to retain top-performing employees in the company.

Some employee benefit programs may vary by location. For example, in the US, health insurance is a key part of employee benefits packages. In France, to name another example, employees receive restaurant vouchers every workday.

However, regardless of where employees are located, a total employee compensation package is critical to retaining great employees and showing that the organization cares.

Why is an Employee Benefits Program Beneficial for a Business?
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An organization can promise great pay in return for job responsibility. However, with the rising costs of basic necessities, it can be difficult for many employees to manage their everyday expenses with just the basic salary package. Organizations now provide employee benefits or added perks in order to attract top talent and retain employees in the long run.

There are many types of employee benefits programs that a business can offer, such as:

  • Health Insurance that pays for medical expenses of an employee and their families, such as medical treatment costs, dental care, and medications.
  • Life Insurance that covers the expenses in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as an accident in the workplace.
  • Disability Insurance through which the insurer pays a certain amount of the individual's salary if they cannot work because of a disability.
  • A retirement or pension plan is a type of deferred compensation offered by the company.
  • An employee discount program to help employees stretch their salary further with savings on the things they're buying every day
Tips to Improve Employee Benefits Programs
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  1. Have clear goals

    Organizations should know why they are actually designing an employee benefits program to give them a better idea of what they can add to it. For instance, if the organization wants to retain its top talent, then the program should be geared towards that accordingly.

  2. Consider the resources of the organization

    Another key thing to consider is the resources of the organization, such as the budget, number of employees, location, etc. In this way, companies can decide what sort of program they can support.

  3. Consider the opinion of their employees

    Organizations can create better and far more effective employee benefits programs if they consider the likes and dislikes of their employees. For instance, if the majority agrees that they want an insurance plan over, let's say, some discounts in a restaurant, then the organization needs to spend its resources on curating such a plan. Surveys can also show that the organization cares about its employees' opinions and is actually trying its best to satisfy them.


A robust and meaningful total compensation package can be a true game-changer for organizations that are struggling to motivate and retain their employees. Through this program, companies can recognize the efforts of their employees and position themselves as an employee-friendly organization in the market.