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Tips to Bounce Back From the Pandemic

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A survey by Glassdoor found that 72% of employees are eager to return to non-remote work. While those numbers express a high level of enthusiasm for a return to the office, it will be normal to expect that our collective transition back to “normal” might not be a smooth one. The pandemic has been a trying time, but there are many things HR professionals can do to help their workforce bounce back from the pandemic in a healthy and enriching way. Here are a few ideas you might try out at your workplace.

There are many different factors such as salary, work-life balance, and company culture that all play into whether an employee will stay with a company for the long haul or not. In order to know which benefits might be best it's important to ask them! Or better yet, read our blog post and get the inside scoop.

1. Boost Health With Wellness Benefits

While the sweatpant lifestyle was fun for a little while, many people may find that they aren't feeling their best about their mental health or fitness levels after months of lockdowns and uncertainty. One way to help employees bounce back from being sedentary and house-bound is to offer health and wellness benefits and seminars.

Employes can be offered discounts on mindfulness and meditation class packages, massage therapy, hair styling, acupuncture, running training, or gym memberships. All of these benefits will help employees feel good about themselves and see themselves in a positive light. Remember that learning to feel positive again is just that; learning and it will take time. But with help at work, employees will feel supported and nurtured.

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2. Inspire With Leadership Talks and Guest Speakers

The pandemic created a disconnect between workers and the more personal parts of their careers, like meeting clients in person and collaborating with their coworkers, so it's no surprise that worker burnout is on the rise. How can you make employees feel excited about their careers again?

One way to inspire and retain talent at your company is to offer leadership talks and bring in industry guest speakers. Many workers learn about potential career paths by hearing about how other people got to where they are today, and what better way to boost enthusiasm than with model success stories. Look inside and outside the company for speakers to mix it up and bring in a variety of perspectives.

3. Help the Team Bounce Back With Employee Rewards

Remember those sweatpants we've all been wearing? It goes without saying that perhaps many closets filled up with loungewear, leisure clothes, and pyjamas over the pandemic, and everyone could use a bit of a wardrobe refresh. Employers can offer discounts and rewards at local retail shops and major online brands so their employees can feel fresh when they return to the office, with all the latest styles. With a discount and rewards program, employees can also redeem for electronics, attractions, vacation destinations, rental cars, and so much more.

Employee perks can help boost morale around the office and make people feel like valued members of the team. Investing in the time off of your employees by offering perks on things like hotels and rental cars also assures your employees that you are committed to their rest and relaxation, so they can be their best at work.

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Prepare Your Bounce Back Plan

Going in with an idea of how you will support your employees through the transition back to work and out of the pandemic will set your team up for success. Consider running a survey of all employees to see what they need to help them get back to work feeling confident and capable. Everyone is different, but if you offer some options of possible work perks, it will be easier to come to a consensus for launching a company-wide rewards program.

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