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How to Encourage Your Employees to Explore Their City

Employees on park benches exploring their city

The city you live in is more than just a place to reside. It's an integral part of each one of us. So why not encourage your employees to explore their city and surrounding areas? Explore it with their families or on the weekends when they're off work. The benefits are endless!

First and foremost, your employees will have a greater sense of pride in where they live. They'll be more excited about coming into work and being productive because they know that this is their home turf. Additionally, exploring the city can help them find new favorite spots – such as restaurants or parks – that make everyday life even better than before!

Allowing your employees to explore the city also helps create bonds between coworkers outside of the office setting if they decide to have an outing with fellow employees. Your company's benefits package can be an ideal way to encourage employees to explore, so let’s take a look at some features that such a benefits package can, or should, include

Public Transportation Incentives
Public bus aisle

This idea has multiple benefits. First, it will encourage employees to spend more time with their families on the weekends and see a new side of town they wouldn't have seen otherwise. Second, the traffic is bad enough during rush hour, do you really want your employees sitting in that for hours, waiting! Giving incentives can help them arrive at work happier than before – which might make everyone else happy too because no one likes someone who's just not "in good spirits."

Car Rental Discounts
Picture of a rental car

One of the perks about being hired by a great company such as yours is that employees can receive affordable car rental discounts for weekend getaways with their friends or families. That includes an array of luxury cars, SUVs, and sporty convertibles to choose from, with no need to negotiate prices or haggle over insurance coverage because it's all included in your package!

But some recent studies have shown that most people are entirely unaware of the perks and benefits they receive from their company. That includes car rentals, which can be massively expensive if they don't know their policy well! Make sure your HR personnel knows about what your company offers or how employees can contact them with any questions. Or even better – advertise it around the office somehow so everyone knows about this great perk for a quick trip out of town without all those pesky fees!

Hotel Discounts
Hands being washed in a sink

You can also take advantage of the convenience and affordability that hotels offer by offering hotel discounts in your benefits package. Employees will appreciate being able to explore their city and surrounding area at a discounted rate while still having access to some creature comforts like food, showers, or even just TV binge sessions on those rainy days when you don't want to leave the building!

Offering hotel discounts comes in a variety of forms too. You could offer your employees an exclusive discount on hotels at your partner hotels, or you can opt for the reward route and give them a weekend stay as one of many employee rewards when they hit milestones regarding time served or skill mastery!

Passport Unlimited is your one-stop shop for finding great deals on hotel, car rental, and public transportation discounts. With Passport Unlimited’s unique partnerships with local, national, and international businesses of all types, we're able to find the right package that will suit all of your needs! Give us a call or request a demo today, and you won’t be disappointed!