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doesn't have to be expensive

Deliver a solution that's fun and memorable with instant discounts where your members live, work and shop.

Credit Union Membership Rewards

Discounts that matter to your members

Our unique platform drives member engagement through elegant technology delivering meaningful discounts.

Real Rewards

Instant, point-of-sale discounts at a wide variety of local, regional and national retailers - available to your members in real time as they shop.

Increased Engagement

Your members' engagement with Passport's content creates opportunities to strategically promote value-add products or services, driving incremental revenue.

Predictable ROI

No accumulating loyalty points, no set-up fees. Straightforward and predictable pricing that supports your success. Flexibility that allows you to scale up and down with ease.

Solutions for you

Members aren’t engaging with your credit union to purchase additional products or services
Passport Unlimited engages your members to purchase more:

Passport Unlimited’s point-of-sale cash discount program gives your members discounts of 15-50 percent off at participating locations. As your members engage in Passport’s content, it creates an opportunity to promote YOUR CREDIT UNION’S value-add products and services, driving incremental credit union revenue.

Members are borrowing money through other financial institutions
Passport Unlimited increases loans through your credit union:

Passport Unlimited helps you grow your loan portfolio among members by putting your credit union top of mind. Each time your members engage with the Passport platform, they’ll be exposed to information regarding your loan products, including mortgage offers, HELOC loans, auto loans and more.

You are having a hard time differentiating yourself from FinTechs, banks, or other credit unions
How does Passport Unlimited help us differentiate ourselves from the other market players?

Passport Unlimited offers exclusive discounts that cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, your members and employees can use the discounts without limits. Our unique rewards platform provides your members with immediate gratification – and you with a competitive advantage.

Your credit union is not attracting new members at the rate you desire
How does Passport Unlimited help me accelerate new member aquisition?

Members who take advantage of point-of-sale discounts are more likely to tell their friends, neighbors and family members about the deals they get by being part of your credit union. You’ll build goodwill among your members, as well as within the local business community.

Our program features

Customized Platform

You’ll receive a dedicated portion of the platform to feature your credit union’s content – whether it’s home loans, HELOCs, auto loans or something else, there’s a spot for it.


A custom branded program website showcases the discounts available to your members. Content is organized by category and searchable by keyword.

Mobile App

Gives your members to access offers on-the-go and locate nearby available discounts. In-app redemption makes it easy for your members to redeem discounts at the point-of-sale.

Member Support

Our team is here to help! If members experience any issues using the program or have general program question, our team can be reached by phone or email during standard business hours.

Offer Redemption

Your members will think of your credit union each time they receive their easy, point-of-sale discounts. You build engagement, brand awareness and goodwill while your members save money!

Family Sharing

Membership cards can be shared with immediate family members, allowing savings, as well as your brand exposure, to really add up!

Member Engagement Affects CU Revenue

Additional Annual Revenue
Generated by Increased Engagement

Potential Revenue Gain from Increased Engagement

Expected profile confirmation of Passport platform*

Customers more likely to purchase due to program participation

* Passport Data based on a 12 month sample of pre-registered employees

Our partners

"As a credit union, we are always looking for ways to provide more value for our members and employees. We introduced Passport program to our employees in the summer of 2018 and to our members later in the year. Our employees and members love the discounts, the mobile and web redemption, and the responsive customer service team."


"I had a great saving with my passport card. I and my wife went out to our favorite restaurant on the water front to celebrate my birthday. We had a very nice dinner, King Salmon, Rib Eye Steak and drinks came to total $71.00 and with Passport card total only $42.00 that's almost $30 of saving right there!"